•    2015 Master of Arts, Applied Anthropology with a focus on Cultural Resource Management, University of Alaska Anchorage
Thesis: The Role of Quartz in the Lithic Technology of The Western Upper Cook Inlet Ancestral Dena’ina

•    2005 Bachelor of Science, Archaeological Studies, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Thesis: Cougars, Mountain Lions, and Pumas - One Creature with Three Names: A Metric Analysis of Quad, Price Stemmed, and Chesrow Projectile Points From Southern Wisconsin

•    1997 Associate of Applied Science in Automotive Technology, Des Moines Area Community College

Cultural Resource Management Training
•    2016 “NAGPRA Essentials,” National Preservation Institute (NPI), held in Anchorage, Alaska
•    2016 “NAGPRA's Application to State and Local Governments,” webinar organized by the National Park Service (NPS)
•    2016 "Professionally Social: Best Practices for Journalists (and Anybody) on Social Media," lecture at UAA by Julia O’Malley
•    2016 “How the Right Digital Communications Can Transform Your Company’s Outreach,” webinar organized by the American Cultural Resources Association
•    2015 “Cultural Landscapes: Identification and Effects Assessment,” webinar organized by the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP)
•    2015 “Marking and Labeling Collections,” webinar organized by the Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation
•    2013 “Meeting the Reasonable and Good Faith Identification Standard,” webinar organized by the ACHP
•    2010 “Introduction to Foreshore and Underwater Archaeology Course,” Nautical Archaeology Society, held in Anchorage and Point MacKenzie, Alaska
•    2009 “Landscape Preservation: An Introduction,” NPI, held in Anchorage, Alaska
•    2009 “Focus on Alaska: Reaching and Writing Agreements under Section 106,” SWCA Environmental Consultants, held in Anchorage, Alaska
•    2009 “Consultation and Protection of Native American Sacred Lands,” NPI, held in Anchorage, Alaska
•    2009 “NEPA Compliance and Cultural Resources,” NPI, held in Anchorage, Alaska
•    2007 “Beyond Compliance: Historic Preservation in Transportation Project Development,” National Highway Institute, held in Anchorage, Alaska

Health and Safety Training
•    2015 “Designing a Safety Program to Protect your Human and Financial Assets,” webinar organized by American Cultural Resources Association
•    2015 “Defensive Driving Fundamentals,” online training by Thinking Driving
•    2015 “Outdoor Survival” Learn to Return, held in Anchorage
•    2015 Safety Security Health Environment, Alaska Liquefied Natural Gas Project
•    2014 CPR/First Aid certification training
•    2013 “Cold Weather Survival” Learn to Return, held in Anchorage
•    2007 Bear Safety – National Park Service
•    2007 Aviation Safety – National Park Service
•    2005 Small boat operation including Zodiac – National Park Service

Military Service
1993-2002 Iowa and Wisconsin Army National Guard, M.O.S. 13 Bravo (Artillery), Honorable Discharge

Professional Skills
•    Archaeological survey, evaluation, monitoring, and excavation
•    Local, state, and federal project permitting for cultural resources
•    Archival research
•    Lithic artifact analysis
•    Water flotation of organic remains from soil samples
•    Cataloguing and curation of archaeological artifacts and samples
•    Public outreach
•    Building, maintenance, and repair of archaeological field and lab equipment
•    Differential (Trimble) and Recreational (Garmin) grade GPS usage
Anthropological Areas of Study and Interest
•    Lithic materials and tool production technologies
•    Indigenous place names
•    Integration of indigenous knowledge and archaeological research

Past Projects
Cultural Alaska
•    Kijik National Historic Landmark, Archaeological District, and Cultural Landscape Memorandum of Understanding Review. Under contract to Nondalton Tribal Council
•    Nondalton and Newhalen Youth Day Camps. Under contract to NPS
•    Yup'ik Slate Tools and Traditional Paints at Igiugig Goose Camp. Under contract to Igiugig Village Council.
•    Sterling Highway MP 45-60 Draft Programmatic Agreement Review. Under contract to CIRI.
•    Tyonek and Newhalen Traditional Skills and Archaeology Youth Workshops. Under Contract to NPS
•    Yupiit of Andreafski Transit Facility Project Cultural Resource Assessment St. Mary’s, Alaska. Under contract to Restoration Science and Engineering

Prior to opening Cultural Alaska, Mr. Rogers conducted cultural resources research for 60 projects including the following:

Stephen R. Braund & Associates (2007-2017)
•    Alaska Communication Systems SPANDEX Cable System Permit & ROW – Anchor Point to Ninilchik
•    Alaska DOT&PF Proposed Realignment, Aleknagik Wood River Bridge and Road Project
•    Alaska DOT&PF Fairview Loop Rehabilitation Project
•    Alaska DOT&PF Foothills West Transportation Project Environmental Baseline and EIS
•    Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission Cultural Need for Bowhead Whales based on Sharing
•    Alaska Liquefied Natural Gas Project Baseline
•    Alaska Pipeline Project Baseline
•    Alaska Railroad Corporation Port MacKenzie Rail Extension Project EIS
•    Alaska Stand Alone Pipeline (ASAP) EIS and SEIS
•    Chuitna Coal Project Environmental Baseline and Section 106
•    ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc. Nuiqsut Caribou Subsistence Monitoring Project
•    Cordova-Valdez Undersea Fiber Cable Project
•    Eklutna Property Due Diligence Cultural Resources Assessment
•    ENSTAR Natural Gas Company Homer Trunkline & Homer and Kachemak City Special Assessment District Project Cultural Resources Survey and Section 106 Report
•    Fire Island Fish Camps Research
•    GCI Wireless Communication Towers Cultural Resource Assessment
•    Greater Mooses Tooth SEIS
•    Hilcorp Blossom and Preacher Pad Cultural Resource Assessment
•    Hilcorp Deep Creek Seismic Project Cultural Resource Assessment
•    Hilcorp Happy Valley Middle Pad Cultural Resource Assessment
•    Hilcorp Iniskin Project Cultural Resource Assessment
•    Knik Arm Bridge Project
•    Quantitative Study of the Cultural and Social Impacts to NPRA Subsistence Communities
•    Quintillion Subsea Project (Quintillion Subsea Operations, LLC)
•    New Horizons Dalton Highway Fiber Optic Project Cultural Resources Assessment
•    New Horizons Wireless Communication Towers Cultural Resources Assessment
•    Nuiqsut Paisaŋich Update for the Nuiqsut City Council
•    Pebble Project Environmental Baseline
•    Quintillion Subsea Fiber Optic Project
•    Red Dog Mine Aqqaluk Extension Supplemental EIS
•    SAExploration Ice Wine 3D Seismic Project Cultural Resources Assessment
•    SAExploration Umingmak Winter Seismic Project Cultural Resource Assessment
•    Union Oil Company of California Phase 1 Survey and Section 106 Report for the Red Pad Pipeline Project
•    United Utilities, Inc. Phase I Cultural Resources Survey – Grayling, Shageluk, and Kwethluk
National Park Service, Katmai National Park & Preserve (2005-2007)    

•    Phase I Survey of interior lakes within Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska
•    Monitoring and Phase II Excavations of future maintenance facility, staff housing area, and vault toilets in Brooks Camp, Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska
•    Phase I Survey of proposed locations for Brooks Camp leech field, Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska.
•    Monitoring and Data Recovery Excavations of Brooks Lake vault toilet, Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska.
•    Laboratory Technician, Analysis of artifacts from Survey of interior lakes within Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska. 

Bear Creek Archaeology, Inc., (2005-2006)

•    Phase III Data Recovery Excavation of an Archaic site (13Da180) in Dallas County, Iowa.
•    Phase II Evaluation Excavation of a Woodland Site (13Jh119) in Johnson County, Iowa.  An Iowa Department of Transportation Project. 
•    Phase I Survey of proposed Newport Road Corridors, Johnson County, Iowa. 
•    Phase III Data Recovery Excavation of a Woodland site (13Le628) in Lee County, Iowa.  An Iowa Department of Transportation Project.  
•    Phase II Evaluation Excavation of a multi-component site (23Ra862) in Ralls County, Missouri.  An Army Corps of Engineers project.  

Mississippi Valley Archaeological Center (2002-2005)

•    Analysis of lithic artifacts from an Oneota site (47Lc394) in La Crosse County. 
•    Analysis and cataloguing of the Alfred Reed artifact collection from southwestern Wisconsin. An Army Corps of Engineers project.
•    Phase III Excavation of an Oneota site (47Lc394) in the city of La Crosse.  A Wisconsin Department of Transportation Project – Highway 14/61 Farnum Street to Jackson Street. 
•    Phase I Survey of two alternative locations for a coal burning power plant in Chickasaw and Mitchell Counties, Iowa.  
•    Phase I Survey of Spirit Reservoir Boat Landing, Lincoln County, Wisconsin. 
•    Field Technician, various NRCS projects throughout Wisconsin.
•    Lab Technician/Supervisor, cleaning and cataloguing of artifacts, water flotation of soil samples, curation, field and lab equipment manager, personnel trainer, and lithic analysis. Supervisor Kathleen Brosius.
•    Field School Teaching Assistant, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Archaeology Field School at Meier Farm Site (47Lc432), Lower Sand Lake Site (47Lc45), and (47Lc394).  Field School conducted by Robert Boszhardt and Wendy Holtz-Leith.
•    Phase I Survey of County Highway U, Burnett County, Wisconsin. WisDOT # 8842-04-00. 
•    Crew Supervisor, Phase III Excavation of an Oneota site (47Lc394) in the city of La Crosse.  A Wisconsin Department of Transportation Project – Highway 14/61 Farnum Street to Jackson Street.  
•    Crew Supervisor, Phase III Excavations of the Meier Farm Site (47Lc432) and the Lower Sand Lake Site (47Lc45) in La Crosse County, Wisconsin. 
•    Phase I and Phase II Archaeological Survey and Evaluation of US 18-Marquette Road Corridor in the cities of Prairie du Chein and Bridgeport, Crawford County, Wisconsin. A Wisconsin Department of Transportation project.  WisDOT ID#: 1661-05-00.  
•    Phase I Archaeological and Architectural History Survey of a Portion of USH 14/61 (CTH YY to Coon Valley) in Vernon and La Crosse Counties, Wisconsin.  A Wisconsin Department of Transportation Project.  WisDOT ID#: 1644-02-00. 
•    Phase I Archaeological Survey of a Proposed Timber Harvest Project in Marathon County, Wisconsin. 
Reorganization of Lithic Comparative Collection for MVAC.

Professional Organizations
Alaska Anthropological Association (Alaska Journal of Anthropology contributing editor)
Alaska Association for Historic Preservation
Alaska Consortium of Zooarchaeologists

Presentations at Professional Conferences
October 2015 American Association for the Advancement of Science, Arctic Science Conference
•    Indigenous Place Name Research for the Alaska Stand Alone Pipeline Project (Co-Author)

March 2015 Alaska Anthropological Association Annual Meetings
•    Cultural Resources Research for the Pebble Project 2004-2013 (Co-Author)

March 2013 Alaska Anthropological Association Annual Meetings
•    Archaeological Data Management and Research using tDAR and Neotoma & Discussion of Best Practices for Faunal Collection and Curation (Workshop Co- Organizer)

March 2011 Alaska Anthropological Association Annual Meetings
•    Below the Surface of Athapaskan Surface Depressions (Co-Author)

March 2010 Alaska Anthropological Association Annual Meetings
•    Collections Curation Seminar (Seminar Co- Organizer)
•    Dena’ina Cultural Features: Beyond House Pits and Cache Pits (Co-Author)

March 2009 Alaska Anthropological Association Annual Meetings
•    Alaska’s Rugby Heritage: A Hooligan’s Game Played by Gentlemen (Co-Author)
•    Experimenting with Vein Quartz Cobbles: Examining the Effects of Heat-Treatment, Reduction, Strategies, and Workability (Author)